If You Don’t Take Care of Your Customers,
Someone Else Sure Will!

Achieving business success in the past was far easier than in today’s new world of work. The global economy is floundering, and desperate business leaders are uncertain how to respond. Competitive rivalry is brutal and suppliers squeeze margins.

But customers today are also different: they are savvier, wiser, more aware of their rights, have more choices, are more connected and powerful in influencing other customers, (and more easily influenced by other customers,) and are far less tolerant of poor quality, poor delivery, poor service, and the dumb things that companies do to make their lives difficult. While they can easily compare different company offerings for the best value – and easily defect to other businesses – they are also desperate to find businesses that treat them with respect and care, and can create “perfect experiences.”

But the news gets worse! Traditional advertising and promotional activity is more expensive and less effective than ever before, as customers are bombarded with up to 5000 marketing messages per day in all media. (Less than 15% of all advertising and promotion achieves positive results.) Most messages go unnoticed, and about 14% of customers actually believe the messages anyway; more than 70% trust recommendations from other customers. The internet has created the situations where customers seek information when they are ready to buy.

Frantic business and marketing executives have realised that effective customer management may be the only guarantee of success – customer care is “the new marketing.” Launching new products and services, installing expensive IT systems, processes, and infrastructure, and repeatedly training staff to improve interactions with customers may help, but more than half of all CRM initiatives have failed to achieve success.

And that’s where we can help you. Our only focus at The Leadership LaunchPad is to help your business to create phenomenal levels of customer loyalty through proper customer management. Why? Because loyal customers come back again and again, recommend your business to others, are open to cross-sales and up-sales, and are far more profitable for your business.

(Want more proof that this is all worthwhile? Click here to see a white paper on the ROI of Customer Management)