Why Us

Over the past quarter century we have realised that a customer-driven culture can be engineered. We have garnered the knowledge, skills and experience that will help your organisation successfully implement strategies, tactics and actions for profitable customer management. We do this through a number of activities that we co-create with your organisation, and more specifically we will together build your capability to achieve…

Designing perfect customer experiences for your business

  • Effective and targeted customer acquisition that ensures focus on current and past customers, (rather than a constant and expensive process to capture new customers.)
  • A formal plan of action to ensure there are high levels of customer retention and repeat business.
  • Proper customer analysis and communication to increase penetration and “share of wallet.”
  • Ongoing activity to reduce the cost to serve customers and increase efficiency.
  • Benchmark your efforts against the best in the world
  • Plan and implement actions to ensure that you create meaningful and profitable customer partnerships

Thus, we can help you to create the architecture and culture in which your business achieves long-term customer partnerships and mutual profitability. Specifically, our business offers the following services to achieve your customer management goals:

  • Discovery: Customised diagnostic instruments and measurement techniques that will help you assess your current and future performance at all levels in approximately 400 dimensions. These include internal surveys, customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys, recorded phantom customer/mystery call audits, and so on. (Take a brief Survey of your current customer-drivenness here.)

  • Develop a Customer Management Action Team: A team of internal experts and specialists who plan and implement a change process that creates a customer-driven culture, and who act as your champions to create enthusiasm and awareness.

  • A project management structure to ensure that you are able to effectively implement the necessary actions, and ensure ongoing success in the longer term. We know that process-driven companies are invariably far more successful than those that allow for random activities. A project approach will help your business to monitor progress, to ensure focus, to work with proper deadlines, and to do it all within budget.

  • Talks, seminars and workshops in a traditional training methodology – but with some very unconventional approaches that avoid “death by PowerPoint.” These are fully-customised for executives, managers and people in your organisation on a number of topics, and every talk, seminar or workshop is customised for your company. We firmly believe that everyone in your organisation has a role to play, and needs to be engaged at a meaningful level to get commitment and collaboration between all people and agents.
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  • Innovative learning situations in simulations and events that have a high impact on delegates, giving them a personal and unforgettable experience that will change behaviour and results. They include many experiential activities in which delegates are given a number of challenges to complete.

  • Designing perfect customer experiences for your business. Our experience in various different customer journey mapping activities allows your team to jointly brainstorm with our team of experts. We have collected hundreds of examples of world-class customer management practices in dozens of industries that can serve as a benchmark for your business. We assist you to strengthen all the positive elements of your customers culture so that you can keep doing them, and help to eliminate all unfavourable activities and events that impact negatively on customers. We believe that the best ideas come from your team, and we will help you to set up events and activities that will lead to new ideas and value innovations that will impact on your customers.

  • Personal coaching for key individuals at all levels of the company – from senior executives to front-line staff – in order to enhance personal effectiveness. This will be ongoing even after all the formal activities are over.

  • Numerous support products and services: that are aimed at reinforcing previous learning and enhancing the experiences of your team. We know that no customer management improvement activities can be implemented in isolation, and we want to act as resource for guaranteeing that your business succeeds. So, we will send your team newsletters, tweets, SMS’s, and a host of other possible items and gifts to reinforce the lessons.

    Our Clients have Included, but are not Limited to, Some of the Following Organisations:

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