10 Golden Rules of Delighting Customers

10 Golden Rules of Delighting Customers

1.MAKE CUSTOMERS YOUR #1 PRIORITY: when you tie pens on a chain in the bank, you may as well put up a sign that says “You are a thief and we know it.” Most rules are there to protect your business, not for your customers. Making them a priority means that you are WILLING TO COLLABORATE with them, to work with them to achieve mutual benefit. Work towards creating a partnership with them.

2. At the heart of customer loyalty is RELATIONSHIPS. Over time, you have to give customers evidence that you love them. Use their names, tell them secrets, show them shortcuts, and “hug” them. The opposite of love is not hate: It’s apathy and indifference. Connect with them personally, and do your best to get them to like you and to trust you

3. MAKE IT EASY – not hard – to do business with your company. This happens at 4 levels: physical effort, intellectual effort, emotional effort and time effort.

4. ATTITUDE is crucial! If people that deal with customers aren’t determined to take responsibility and be passionate about customers, your business is dying.

5. NOTICE THINGS, BE PRESENT. Customers always give us clues about what they like and don’t like about our business, but going one step further, you can add value to every interaction by using the information that you collect. And it all starts with your ability to LISTEN.

6. The most important thing to remember about this is to do whatever you can to MAKE THEIR DAY. What did you do to bring a smile to their face? What did you do to make life a little bit easier? How did you create a WOW! Experience that was personal and memorable?

7. HELP EACH OTHER through teamwork. Everyone helps each other. In one petrol station one employee finds out the customer’s name, and then writes it on a piece of masking tape which is then stuck to the inside of the petrol cap. Next time the customer comes in, the other employees can use his name.

8. Have FUN and play: having fun at work is very motivating for employees, but when you share this with your customers, you will create unbelievable levels of loyalty.

9. Above all, be RELIABLE and CONSISTENT. Every time a customer returns to a business, they expect they will get exactly the same as they did last time – or more. If they don’t, then they say “Uh, Oh! They’re slipping,” and they decide to go somewhere else. Get the basics incredibly right, and stop doing dumb things.

10. SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS: If customers could diagnose and fix their own problems, and on their own, they would do so. Help them by bringing something new to their perspective. Also, help our customers to avoid pitfalls and to minimise their risks. Craft compelling solutions for them.

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