Articles with Loyalty & Reward Programmes

To Use Customer Loyalty Programmes - or Not

Customer Loyalty Programmes usually create more problems that they solve, and are often seen as a silver bullet to solve problems with marketing or service. This is not always a good strategy

Turning Ducks into Eagles

We all know that the best customer service has little to do with systems, processes, loyalty programmes and similar unless you first get your staff on board. The biggest challenge facing you is how you get every person in your company both able and willing to take care of customers. The job of all managers is to turn ordinary people in customer champions – in spite of the fact that dealing with customers is often very hard.

What Do You Give Someone Who Has Everything?

Creating special, magical, personal and memorable experiences for your customers doesn't have to cost a fortune - but you may change their lives - and their loyalty - forever.

When Rules MUST Be Broken

Rules and bureaucracy are sometimes necessary for the smooth running of your business - but they are incredibly dangerous when they lead to unhappy customers and bad experiences.

82 Ways to Add Value for Customers

Adding value for customers - continuously, and innovatively - is essential for creating customer loyalty, but it doesn't have to cost you a lot. Here is a (longish) summary of all 82 ideas

Don't Forget to Chase the Small Spenders Too

There simply aren't enough Highly profitable customers to go around, and yet most firms place a large emphasis on chasing and rewarding these. Isn't it time to take care of the small customers too?

Customer Management Strategy

They’re here, a whole new generation of ‘Teens’ and ‘Tweens’, the 15 to 25 year olds of today, making up around 24% of the population, who will change the face of retail shopping and already demand a high level of ‘customer care’. Mostly not yet salary earners, these young people nevertheless, through their parents, exert a massive influence on retail spend and their time is coming soon as the primary spenders themselves. 16 to 34 year olds in Africa today will contribute to over $400 billion in total consumption growth in the next ten years!

Is 2015 Going to be About Many Black Fridays?

Where are businesses going in 2015 in creating loyal customers? In this article we look at 15 irreversible trends that you must respond to - or fail.

Lobster Was Once a Prison Food!

It's always amazing how customers perceptions of value influence their purchases. You can influence these in a very powerful way.

Loyalty? Don't Make Me laugh

True customer loyalty is enduring, and there is an emotional bond between your customers and your business. If you have to bribe or incentivise them to buy from you, that doesn't count.

No, You CAN'T Have It All

In today's turbulent times, many companies are cutting back on quality and service. If customers think that prices don't show the same decrease, you will get into trouble.