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Ten Lessons About Service

After twenty five years in the world of customer care, I have come to the conclusion that getting it right doesn't take too much. Here are ten lessons that you can start with.

The Essence of Sales - Woody Martin

How often have you heard the phrase "sell the sizzle, not the steak"? Well, here is a true story about Woody Martin, a cigarette salesman who sold a box of matches for a dollar - in the 1960s. He did it not by focusing on the matches, but on something much deeper that all customers love.

The Power of Paying Compliments

Paying someone a compliment is so simple and it's absolutely free. Why don't we do it more often, given that it has such a positive effect on people?

Turning Ducks into Eagles

We all know that the best customer service has little to do with systems, processes, loyalty programmes and similar unless you first get your staff on board. The biggest challenge facing you is how you get every person in your company both able and willing to take care of customers. The job of all managers is to turn ordinary people in customer champions – in spite of the fact that dealing with customers is often very hard.

What Do You Give Someone Who Has Everything?

Creating special, magical, personal and memorable experiences for your customers doesn't have to cost a fortune - but you may change their lives - and their loyalty - forever.

Where Does the Practice of Tipping Staff End?

Tipping is a practice which, in theory, ensures that service staff provide better experiences to customers. In practice, there is no guarantee, and it can become quite an expensive option.

Would You Tuck Your Customers Into Bed One Night?

Even though some customers are really unlovable, love them anyway. After all, if Richard Branson can tuck them in at night, why not you?


With only a couple of weeks to go until Christmas, shoppers are starting to feel a bit stressed by the insane nightmare of mass advertising, crowded shopping malls, overstretched banks, and businesses that never seem prepared enough. As a retailer or store-owner it’s one of the busiest times of the year and a hugely important period that provides the perfect opportunity to give your customers memorable shopping experiences that make their lives easier and spread Christmas cheer. Here are a few little service treats that you can include to get your store ready and get your customer service team into gear to spread some love – just for the sake of it!

10 Golden Rules of Delighting Customers

Of course it is impossible to write 10 rules that will apply in all businesses, but this is a good start. What do you need to do to Delight Your Customers?

2016: Year of the Consumer Snitch

Never waste a good crisis… this advice to business leaders was bandied about during the global financial meltdown and subsequent recession. Well, another crisis is on the way and winners and losers across our economy will be determined by whoever seizes or wastes the opportunity.

A Priest on a 'Plane

Taking care of customers and doing good for others is also good for us. After a chance encounter with a priest on an airplane trip, Aki Kalliatakis realised that this is the purpose of life.

Arrested for Hugging

We have somehow forgotten what it means to be human, but every day people who deal with customers are given a magical opportunity to do something nice - and also benefit in the process.

Back to the Floor, Boss

"Undercover Boss" is a reality-TV programme where executives from large companies go out in disguise to work with their employees in the front lines. Are there lessons for managers here?

Boost your business this Spring

Spring has sprung, (at least in the southern hemisphere,) and it's time now to take a fresh look at refreshing and re-vitalising your customers' experiences.

Bringing Happiness to Others, We Find Ours

Happiness seems elusive for all of us living in "interesting" times. Few businesses truly and genuinely make employees happy; but most customer-facing people can find ways of doing this for themselves.

Easter the Time to Get Cracking On Service Improvements

As we approach Easter and the beginning of winter, the time to create warmth and spread good news with little things is ripe. Here are some examples.

First Impressions Really Count

It is often said that "Your attitude will determine your altitude," but what should people who deal with customers say and do to achieve success? Some practical hints about how you come across may help.

Is It a Job or Is It a Calling?

In all industries, there is a small core group of people who love what they do, and are passionate about taking care of customers. In this article we focus on the rare hospital experiences that go well because of dedicated, caring people

Is It Time to Dump the Idea of "Internal Customers"?

Many organisations seem to spend a lot of time and resources taking care of employees and "internal customers." But is enough spent to make sure that real customers with real money are taken care of?

Is There a Drug Against Rage?

Calming down unhappy and angry customers may not be as difficult as you think. The skill of empathy is probably the most powerful tool you have in calming them down, and connecting with people generally. In this article we examine some hints on how to do it right.

Practical Tips on Customer care

There are probably thousands of things that you can do to get staff motivated about delighting their customers. Here are a few examples of what you can do to prevent complacency and boredom.

So Who Gives the Best Service?

Who are the people that give the best service? Are there some lessons to be learned about different people? And is there a list of characteristics of people who are good with customers?

Some Will Get It... Some Never Will

Can you coach someone with a bad attitude? Probably not, but how do you recognise people with a good attitude?

Is the World Really That Bad?

The world is seemingly filled with bad news - but that is not always true. Your business can delight customers by reminding them about the good news.